Twin Rivers Ranch is proud to offer a full service eventing facility for clinics and schooling use. Riders have the opportunity to enjoy six levels of cross country courses by Morgan Rowsell, Adri Doyal and Marc Grandia. Twin Rivers takes pride in having changes to courses several times a year. Twin Rivers has previously been designed by world renowned course designers Derek di Grazia (2005-2012), James Atkinson (2013-2019), Hugh Lochore (2019-2021), Morgan Rowsell (Advanced, 2022-present) & Adri Doyal (2022-present). It takes a team of Builders to make the courses possible, Twin Rivers is lucky to have Adri Doyal, Greg Thompson, Madeline Isaacks bring these courses to life through their talented building efforts, and provide consistent maintenance throughout the year alongside Jeff Baxter. Twin Rivers was course construction was started by Bert Wood and his team for the first several years. The course has had great builders throughout the years contribute to course construction: Tommy Nenneman, Jay Hambly, Erik Bull, Tyson Rementer, Zane Webb and David Cathcart, among other.

These modern courses feature the latest in cross-country innovation, solidly built to be inviting for both horse and rider.

Earn Certificates towards schooling and shows at Twin Rivers by Volunteering! email Jamie at [email protected].